Five top tips to stop the anxiety of the ‘plus size’ wedding dress shopping

No matter your shape, you CAN have your dream wedding dress. Curve Bridal Boutique owner, Nikki, gives you her five top tips to finding your perfect curvy bridal dress.

Firstly, stop putting off shopping for your wedding dress! I get it, the average sample size is an 8-10 in most boutiques, that’s smaller than you but guess what? There are gorgeous boutiques created just for you.

I know it can be terrifying for some of us to even think about going to try on wedding dresses, but it should be just as enjoyable for you as any other bride. I promise you, there are perfect, stylish, beautiful dresses out there for you, whatever your size or shape.

To help you overcome that ‘this isn’t going to be fun for me’ feeling, here’s some quick tips on taking the first step to finding ‘the one’:

Research is your friend

Find a place that will treat you right! Although I am not a fan of the term “plus size” unfortunately the fashion industry doesn’t seem to be changing this any time soon so searching for “plus size bridal’ and ‘curve bridal” boutiques and ranges near you is key to finding a bridal consultant who’ll know exactly how to help you. A lot of bridal boutiques will stock a “plus size” range or will be able to order up to sizes 34 or 36. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, Pretty Pear Bridal has some great real bride stories and a dedicated plus size wedding blog, Love My Dress is a beautiful blog with a wide range of different size brides and of course Rock My wedding.

No question is too silly

Ask plenty of questions before your appointment to help settle any nerves. Ask what sizes the boutique has as samples? How many? What styles? What experience do they have in fitting to a curvy figure? Be sure to tell the shop your high street dress size and ensure they can cater for you. Do not waste your time going if the shop cannot accommodate your size – it’ll just add to your stress.

Make sure you speak up and voice any worries or concerns you have before going, this way you will get the most out of your appointment as hopefully the answers to your questions will alleviate any anxiety. If from the phone call you do not get a warm feeling, then it is likely to be no better in the shop so ring around.

Pictures are a must

A good tip is to take pictures in the dresses you like to compare styles you like (use a friend’s phone to avoid your partner seeing by accident!). When you find the right boutique, you’ll be able to try on different styles so you’ll want to remember which style you felt your most beautiful in. (Yes, that will happen for you!)

Also, most designers work to an exclusivity radius, so you won’t get the same dresses in boutiques within close range of each other. You’ll want to remember where your favourite dress was when shopping around.

Who’s on the guest list?!

And you thought the invitation list was a toughie, who do you take to help you pick the dream dress? Well, easy answer is no one if you don’t want to but consider your dress shopping entourage carefully and make sure you take people that will only enhance your day and add to the fun. Don’t feel you have to take certain people, take the people you know will be honest, positive and helpful.

Monica, Rachel and Phoebe from Friends on the sofa in wedding dresses.

Remember that it is your experience

Listen to your heart. Don’t feel like you have to buy the dress because you’ve been in that store for hours or the sales assistant is lovely, or your mum’s fed up. ONLY buy that dress if you feel the absolute best you’ve ever felt in it. Don’t pressure to sales patter, don’t worry if you feel you need to try another store to find the one.

Most importantly, its ok to cry. It’s a huge day, it took a lot of courage and love to get here and it’s a big moment! The next time you wear this dress, you’ll be marrying the man of your dreams and it’s totally ok to feel excited and emotional about that. 

Now, put that anxiety aside as best you can and let me welcome you to Curve Bridal. All our samples sizes are between sizes 16 and 32 and with our relaxed and friendly atmosphere, all appointments go at your pace so you can try on as many styles as you wish. I always be hand to help you every step of the way and bring you and your friends endless tea! Let’s get you your dream dress…