Stop worrying about your bridesmaids dress fitting!

You’ve been asked the big question…

Will you be my bridesmaid macaroons

and now you need to help your girl through the most exciting journey!! We also know the dress question is one you’re almost too scared to ask, like, what are you thinking for the bridesmaid dresses? oh THAT colour…

At Curve Bridal, we like to make you sure you and the bride enjoy every step of the dress fittings. Right now, things are a little different and it may be that just one or two of you come for a fitting while the rest enjoy a Zoom Party (which we can arrange for you) but we still give you the CB magic experience.

Curve Bridal Owner, Nikki Vierk, helping a bridesmaid into her new Curve Bridal dress. Image by Ruby Walker Photography

Here’s 3 things to remember for a bridesmaid dress fitting:

1 – There is no one size fits all

It’s so important to remember that we are all different. Every body has a unique shape that is totally you and there wont be a dress that looks INCREDIBLE on every single person. We work with the bride to find a dress she loves but that you also feel amazing in. It could be you all have different necklines or sleeve lengths – we’ll help make it work for the whole party.

Pieces from the new Curve Bridal Bridesmaid Collections. Images by the amazing Ruby Walker Photography

2 – Not everything will fit first time

We have a huge range of dresses for every shape from size 4-38, especially in our brand new Curve Bridal Bridesmaid Collection, but remember that it will take alterations to make it look perfect so don’t be disheartened if we’re sticking a few clips on it or it’s looking too small. It’s not often you’ll find the perfect fit straight away (in fact – never happens) so just know we can make it incredible, this is just a fun time trying on different styles. When your bride has picked the dream dresses, we will measure you so the dress will fit beautifully.

The new Curve Bridal Bridesmaid Collection as photographed by Ruby Walker Photography

3 – Put on your big girl pants

Remember, you might feel nervous but this IS going to be fun! It’s a beautiful bonding experience for you and your best friends and there’s nothing to worry about. Bring some heels, wear some neutral underwear, maybe a couple of different bra options depending on neckline if you want to but mainly just know you’re there to enjoy the experience so keep it positive! Don’t forget, even if you don’t like the dress the bride loves, you can make it your own with hair and accessories (if she lets you πŸ˜‰).

If you’d like to enjoy our bridal party appointments, take a look at our contact form for all the details or drop us a message. We can’t wait to meet you!