6 reasons why size doesn’t matter at Curve Bridal

We don’t know about you, but we have had just about enough of being labelled. As women we are consistently put into boxes for our gender, weight, skin, job, being a mother, NOT being a mother, blonde, brunette – you name it we are placed in categories.

We’ve all had enough right? There’s certainly more of us than ever living outside of these ‘boxes’ and refusing to accept anyone should be stereotyped. It’s no different for us here at Curve Bridal.

How you look when you walk through our shiny, covid secure door, is the last thing we are interested in. How you FEEL when you experience trying on loads of dresses and finding THE DRESS is what we care about and here’s why:

  • No one cares what size is on the label

You need to scrap the idea that a number inside a piece of material means more than just that – a number. It has no reflection on your value as a person. Throw away the traditional sizes – we have.

  • Any shape is beautiful

We sell dresses from size 0. Whether you have an athletic figure, curvy, small curves, petite, big, tall or short – it makes no difference to your beauty. We’ll have a variety of dresses for you to try on and feel perfect in.

  • Alterations are king

Found your dream dress but it’s too big or too small? No worries, we have a seamstress who is always on hand to turn your dress into your dream figure-fitting outfit. we’ll say it louder for the people at the back – THE SIZE DOES NOT MATTER.

  • Your guests really don’t care

We’re sorry but they really don’t. What they care about isn’t the size of your dress but the size of your smile. Are you marrying the partner of your dreams? That is ALL that matters.

  • Curve Bridal dresses come in every size and shape

Our name really is about ALL of our curves as women. You can be a size 0 and you still have curves – we aren’t all straight angles! Curves at EVERY size should be celebrated. YOU should be celebrated, you’re worthy of finding that perfect dress no matter your size.

Focus on the dress that makes you feel alive, confident, beautiful, kind, comfortable, happy and not the size on the label. (We’ve torn them out anyway so you’ll never know – evil laugh!!!!)

If you’d like to book an appointment, click here and Nikki and the team will be so excited to meet you!