Why you need a dress that has been created with you in mind

Let’s talk for a hot minute about how just adding bigger sizes to a dress range is not the same as designing for different body types…

Don’t get me wrong babe I am BUZZING with excitement that so many boutiques across the UK are adding larger size ranges to their stores BUZZING. However, adding size 24 to a range is in no way the same as DESIGNING a dress for a certain shape and size. Just adding bigger sizes to a design that had a size 4-10 in mind is not going to help someone who is not that size.

Here at Curve Bridal, we stock dresses that give you the support, style and shape no matter the size or body type. That’s because we are passionate about providing you the very best options for your magical day and that starts with the design.

Why is it important to try on dresses that have been designed for different bodies?

Each body type needs something different from their dress. For example, you may need to wear a bra with your dress so you’ll want a higher backed choice. You may have larger breasts and need more lined boning all around the dress, you may have small breasts and need a little lined boning at the front.

Do you see what we are saying here? Just adding extra sizes to a dress collection that was made for smaller sizes isn’t good enough when it comes to offering YOU better choices.

You deserve more thoughtful design and we are calling all women with curves among us to unite and expect better! All of our collections ARE designed with curves, different sizes and shapes in mind and Nikki is incredible at knowing which designer, style or exact dress will work perfectly for you.

Whether that’s fully shaped and structured or flowing with subtle support, we have the dress designed for you. Book an appointment now to come see what we are talking about!